20 Funny Easter Facebook Status Quotes Updates 2015

Welcome, and a very happy Easter Sunday 2015. Are you ready to update your Easter facebook status? Are you ready to put a smile on your friends faces.? Yeah, we know what you looking for? On this post i’m gonna share some funny facebook status to update your status on Easter 2015. These updates are like funny question, with a illogical humor hidden behind them. All you gotta do is to copy them and paste on your facebook status box (and hit post button). That’s it.

Easter is the time when we commemorated the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ with some funny jokes on Easter bunny or colored easter eggs, rabbit jokes and fun stuff to make everyone smile. Here are my Top 10 Funny Easter Facebook Status / Quotes to update your status now on facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter (Tweets).

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Happy Easter Facebook Status Updates | Funny Quotes & Messages

What do you call a bunny with a large brain? An egghead.

What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water? It’s going to take awhile to get me hard I just got layed by some chick!

So, Easter commemorates when Jesus hid eggs for the disciples to find, and then he turned all the rabbits into chocolate, right?

Did you hear about the lady whose house was infested with Easter eggs? She had to call an eggs-terminator!

Why do we paint Easter eggs? Because it’s easier than trying to wallpaper them!
What day does an Easter egg hate the most? Fry-days.

Question: What do you call a rabbit with fleas?
Answer: Bugs Bunny!

20 Funny Easter Facebook Status Quotes Updates 2015

Question: What do you call Easter when you are hopping around?
Answer: Hoppy Easter!

Question: How do bunnies stay healthy?
Answer: Eggercise

Question: Why does the Easter Bunny hide Easter eggs?
Answer: He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s been fucking the chickens!

Question: Why won’t Easter eggs go out at night?
Answer: They don’t want to get “beat up”.

Question: Why doesn’t the Easter Bunny make noise when he has sex?
Answer: Because he has cotton balls.

20 Funny Easter Facebook Status Quotes Updates 2015

Question: Why couldn’t the Easter egg family watch T.V.?
Answer: Because their cable was scrambled.

Question: How should you send a letter to the Easter Bunny?
Answer: By hare mail!

Question: Why do only 20 percent of blonde chicks lay Easter eggs?
Answer: The rest are hunt’n peckers.

Question: What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?
Answer: a hot cross bunny

20 Funny Easter Facebook Status Quotes Updates 2015

Question: What do you call a mischievous egg?
Answer: A practical yolker

Question: What do you get when you cross a rabbits foot with poison ivy?
Answer: a rash of good luck.

Question: What has long ears, four legs, and is worn on your head?
Answer: An Easter bunnet!

Question: Why did a fellow rabbit say that the Easter Bunny was self-centered?
Answer: Because he is eggocentric. (egocentric)

Question: What do you call a bunny with a dictionary in his pants?
Answer: A smarty pants.

Question: Where does the easter bunny eat breakfast?
Answer: at Ihop

Question: How long does the Easter Bunny like to party?
Answer: Around the cluck!

Question: What happened to the egg when he was tickled too much?
Answer: He cracked up.

Question: What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards?
Answer: A receding hareline.

20 Funny Easter Facebook Status Quotes Updates 2015

Question: What do you call a sleepy Easter egg?
Answer: Egg-zosted!

Question: Why was the Easter Bunny so upset?
Answer: He was having a bad hare day!

Question: How did the soggy Easter Bunny dry himself?
Answer: With a hare dryer!

Question: “Why are you studying your Easter candy?”
Answer: “I’m trying to decide which came first-the chocolate chicken or the chocolate egg!”

Question: What do you get when you find a rabbit with no hair?
Answer: A hairless hare!

Question: Why are people always tired in April?
Answer: Because they just finished a march

Question: How can you find the Easter bunny?
Answer: Eggs (x) marks the spot.

Question: What would you call the Easter Bunny if he married a chicken?
Answer: The very first rabbit to lay an egg!

Question: Why was the rabbit rubbing his head?
Answer: Because he had a eggache! (headache)

Question: Why did the Easter Bunny hop down the road?
Answer: He was making the Movie

Question: What’s pink, has five toes, and is carried by the Easter Bunny?
Answer: His lucky people’s foot!

Question: What happened when the Easter Bunny caught his head in the fan?
Answer: It took ears off his life!

Question: What’s red and blue and sogs up your Easter basket?
Answer: Coloured scrambled eggs!

Question: Why did the rabbit cross the road?
Answer: Because it was the chicken’s day off.

20 Funny Easter Facebook Status Quotes Updates 2015

Question: What does the Easter Bunny get for making a basket?
Answer: Two points, just like anyone else.

Question: What do you call the Easter Bunny after a hard day’s work?
Answer: Tired.

Question: What’s the Easter Bunnys favorite Story?
Answer: A Cotton Tale

Question: Why was the Easter Bunny arrested?
Answer: He was charged with Hare-assment!

Question: What did the bunny put over his sore?
Answer: A eggage.

Question: What has big ears, brings Easter treats, and goes “hippity-BOOM, hippity-BOOM, hippity-BOOM”?
Answer: The Easter Elephant.

Question: What do ducks have for lunch?
Answer: Soup and quackers!

Question: What did the rabbit say to the carrot?
Answer: It’s been nice gnawing at you.

Question: Have you heard about the blonde virgin?
Answer: She hangs out with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

Question: What does a rooster say to a hen he likes?
Answer: Your one hot chick!

20 Funny Easter Facebook Status Quotes Updates 2015

Updated: April 4, 2015 — 8:42 pm

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